For the Service-Based Boss Babe who wants to build a business that generates MORE TIME + MONEY so she can live life on her own terms!


without hustling 24/7/365

Free Masterclass for Female Entrepreneurs

in just 90 minutes, you'll be able to:

Simplify your business with the three steps you need to take in order to cut the overwhelm, stress, + frustration around how to move forward with systemized growth for maximum impact + profit.

Become THE ONLY OPTION for those dream clients that need your services the most...the type of client that loves everything you do & will pay top dollar to work with you!

Implement my proven strategies for confidently communicating your value so you can easily close the sale....and build a business that generates MORE TIME + MONEY!




Business Growth Strategist

for Female Entrepreneurs

For almost a decade I ran my business with a hustle mindset (working around the clock) and it almost cost me my family. In 2018 I developed The Dream Client Attraction Formula and everything changed...I went from $55k a year working 70+ hours/week to $50k in 3 months working less than 20 hours/week! 

In this Free Masterclass, I'll be sharing that formula with you!